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Post  Loststar on Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:17 am

This is way after the series so you cant be related to ny1 like fireheart or whoever.

All warriors start off as a kit - unless they are asked to be 'ranked up' by an admin.

Fill in your warriors sheet via edit profile or Copy this into one of your first threads and fill them in:
Roleplay example:


Name: Firestar
Clan: Thunderclan
Personality: A friendly and loyal cat. He is a quick thinker and is an honerabal leader. He is confident that Starclan will guide his way to what is right. Firestar is a bold, cunning and intelligent leader.
History: Firestar has a long history. He started out as a kittypet but made his way up to the top by proving his worth. Firestar has helped Thunderclan in many ways - Reveaveled Tigerstar's plot, warned others of the fire - generally on full attention. Firestar has also had a bit of a stumble when it came to the warrior code - but in the end he did what was right.
Appearance: A fair sized, ginger tom. His eyes are like emeralds gleaming in the light of a new-leaf morning. He has no scars or battlewounds, although he has been in many-a-battle. He is of average weight - although you can make out his ribcage.
Rank: Leader
Roleplay example: Firestar caught a whiff of mouse as he stalked through the golden leaves. His leaf-green eyes darting about - looking for any movement. Suddenly all was revealeed to the mouse as Greystripe approached.


Name: Your cats name - rules below
Clan: Any of the clans made by me or loner or kittypet
Personality: 4 sentences AT LEAST of your cats' personality
History: 4 sentences AT LEAST of your cats' history
Appearance :4 sentences AT LEAST of your cats' appearence
Rank: Starts as kit and works on - see below
Roleplay example: Show us if you know how to roleplay

The following is a list of requirments/rules for each rank:

* Kits
- Can choose their first name - MUST be appropriate (Fire, Grey, Tiger etc.)
- Second name is always 'Kit'
- Musn't leave camp

- Graduates after 2 realtime days

- Keep their first name from previous rank
- Second name is always 'Paw'
- Is only alowed out of camp if allowed by leader or being trained/led by a warrior, in the same clan as them
- Responsible for feeding the elders

- Graduates when notified by leader OR after 1 week realtime

*Medicine cat
- Keeps previous first name
- Second name is determined by the leader - unless 1 realtime day passes - then you may choose an appropriate name
- Leaves camp for Medicine cat gatherings
- Heals others back to health
- Has dreams sent from starclan
- Goes out once a week to collect herbs
- Train apprentices to continue when they have gone

- Cannot go up in rank

- Keep their first name from previous rank
- Second name is determined by a Leader - unless the leader doesn't respond in 1 day (realtime) you may choose an appropriate second name (heart, claw, talon etc.)
- Can leave camp at any time
- Are responsable for the safety of Apprentices, in the same clan as them

- Remain warriors unless Leader makes 1 deputy or once 3 weeks realtime has past - they then become elders

- Keep their first name from previous rank
- Keep their second name from previous rank
- Can leave camp whenever - its usually best to tell your leader first though
- Is responsable for asigning jobs to everyone else except the leader
- Is responible for everyone in the clan they are in except the leader and the kits

- Graduates when leader dies (all 9 times)

- Keep their first name from previous rank
- Second name is always 'star'
- Is responsable for everyone else in the clan
- Attends all gatherings
- What ever the leader says, goes
- Is granted 9 lives

- 1 life lost every week or less

- Keeps warrior name
- Has given and still can give birth
- Looks after their kits
- When a new warrior joins the forum and is a kit you must ask them to be your kit - called giving birth (must mate with a male first)

- Graduate to elder status when has given birth to 3 kittens or after 2 weeks of queen status

- Keep warrior name
- Is fed and looked after by the apprentices

- remains 1 week realtime and then dies

New kits MUST have a mother by 1 week or it will be decided at random

You may have up to 3 cats on your profile - but you have to look after each one

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