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Post  FogKit on Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:14 pm

Name: FogKit

Clan: AzureClan

Personality: A mischivious kit, FogKit is always getting into trouble. Kind and loyal to her peers, she is enjoyable to be around. Sometimes FogKit will wake up in a bad mood, and when she does you better watch out because her toungue can get as sharp as nettle. She is quite playfull and always has tons of energy.

History: Im not sure... I think i dont have any if im not born yet.

Appearance: A lithe and tiny she-cat. Her fur is the colour of a dark fog, a darkish gray with white hairs here and there. Her Cyan coloured eyes stand out very much. She has white paws and a white tail tip.

Rank: Kit

Roleplay example: FogKit playfully pounced on LeafFurs tail. Grabbing it with her teeth, she tugged on it, making little grunting noises. When she finally got bored of her game, she went over to MothKit and sat down beside her.Poking MothKit she said," So MothKit, whats up? I just finished a very refreshing game of cat and tail." She purred and licked her best friends ear.

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